Bolderwood Deer Sanctuary
Deer are normally quite shy animals and generally stay out of sight, but over the years they have become accustomed to the safety of these sanctuary fields. The deer seen from the Viewing Platform are Fallow deer; the other species of deer in the forest are Red, Roe and Sika.

So the story goes......after its mother was killed on the road a forest ranger hand reared a young fallow deer. As the deer got older he regularly left food out for him and soon the deer was bringing his pals along with him. This happened in the 1960s and the tradition continues today, feeding taking place every day from Easter to the end of October, between 1.30pm - 2.30pm.

Cycling is popular with many miles of well defined tracks or quiet country roads, the Forestry Commission also have a Bolderwood Cycle Trail (7.5 miles).
Picnic tables are situated under the large Douglas fir trees or you can bring a rug and have a picnic on the green.
The Bolderwood Forestry Commission
Information Centre is sited under the trees and is open every weekend from Easter to the end of October with a ranger ready to answer any questions.

Forestry Commission
Tel: 023 8028 3141
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Bolderwood Deer Sanctuary
Bolderwood Deer Sanctuary map
There are 3 trails, all of which head in the same direction, west of the car park. All the walks are well marked; the paths are fairly wide with a smooth gravelled surface and no gates.
Deer Watch Trail (1/2 mile)
Jubilee Trail (1 mile and downhill)
Radnor Trail (2 miles and downhill)
You can also walk to two rivers, Highland Water to the east and Bratley Water to the west.
Off A35 two miles west of Lyndhurst.
See map above