Florence Nightingale's resting place
Quiet countryside location, St. Margaret's, East Wellow, burial place of Florence Nightingale and her local church. Some photographs and artefacts of Florence Nightingale can be seen inside the church.

Florence Nightingale was born in Italy on 12 May 1820 and was named Florence after the city where she was born. Her parents, William Edward and Frances Nightingale were a wealthy couple who divided their time between two homes. In the summer months they lived in Derbyshire and in winter lived in Embley in Hampshire (Embley is now a school).
St Margaret’s, East Wellow Turn off the A36 at Whinwhistle Road, after about one and a half miles take a left into Hackleys Lane. It’s a further three quarters of a mile down this narrow country lane. Streetmap
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Just past the church.
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St. Margaret’s Church
Florence Nightingale Museum in London
Florence Nightingale's burial place