Beaulieu Road Pony Sales 2016
Beaulieu Road Pony Sales is where the Commoners (owners of the ponies on the New Forest) sell their ponies by auction; Beaulieu Road has been the sales centre for semi feral and handled stock for over 60 years.

The ponies are penned up according to their lot numbers and moved along to the sale ring. The public can walk around the pens to view the ponies and then watch the auction in the sale ring.
All Sales Commence at 10.30am
Wednesday 1st June 2016
Wednesday 28th September 2016
Wednesday 26th October 2016

Free to enter the auction
New Forest Livestock Society, New Park, Brockenhurst. SO42 7QH
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The sale yard is on the B3056 and across the road from Beaulieu Road railway station. Streetmap
Parking is on the west side of the road a few yards down from the sale yard. Parking is free of charge.
The Beaulieu Hotel (pub, hotel and restaurant) is directly across the road.


Beaulieu Road Pony Sales
Beaulieu Road Pony Sales