Christchurch Priory
Christchurch Priory is considered to be one of the finest churches in England and at 311 feet long it is the longest.

The legend of the 'miraculous beam'
Christchurch was originally called Twynham. The Normans decided to replace the Saxon church, which had stood on the site since 800 AD, with a grander building. Legend has it that when building the present Priory one of the roof beams was cut too short. The carpenters not knowing what to do left for the day but when they came back the next day the beam had extended overnight to fit exactly. They attributed this miracle to Jesus, also a carpenter, and the church and town became known as Christ's Church.

Special Guided Tours of the Priory. Tours start at 6.30pm, last for about three hours and include parts of the Priory not always open to visitors (e.g. Tower, Crypt, Roof Space and Archives). Not suitable for children under 8.See Priory website for details

All year
Mon to Sat, 9.30am - 5pm
Sun, 2.15pm - 5.30pm (subject to services)
The above charges are for a Standard Guide Tour. There are also Guided Evening Tours and Tower Visits. All the guided tours must be pre-booked from the Head Verger at the Priory on (01202) 485804.
Quay Road, Christchurch, Dorset BH23 1BU
Tel:01202 485804
  More pictures
Chidiock Tomb Chest c1461 - The heads of both figures have been much defaced as legend has it that the scrapings of alabaster, from which both figures are carved, mixed with water was an infallible cure for all forms of eye infections.
The seats were designed to provide, in the upright position, support, but not ease, for the monks who worshipped here and who otherwise were obliged to stand for long periods during daily services. The seats were painstakingly carved by medieval craftsmen, with examples from the 13th, 14th and 16th centuries.
There is a car park between the church and the quay, access along Quay Road.
Wheelchair accessible
Wheelchair Access: There is level access through the North Porch into the Priory. The doors and aisles are wide enough to facilitate wheelchair access.
Toilets in a block at the rear of the church that includes a disabled toilet which uses the Radar Key system. The key can be obtained from the Bookstall in the church.