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in the hall & played with the children. I am sorry we missed seeing dear Georgiana & that Blanch will not see Beech Hill. In the afternoon our frocks arrived they are beautiful. 3 skirts of tulle over white satin quite plain & ….. ….. & 2 pink roses in the bosom & a wreath of roses for the back hair. In the morning Bl [Blanch] heard from William enclosing the Little Back Parlour which will not do at all to act. A little before dinner Fred arrived we were very anxious to know who accompanied him
Ball Dress 1840s
The Little Back Parlour: A Farce in One Act by Edward Stirling [published by Samuel French] No date. A copy is in the 19th Century Acting Editions Collection 1762-1946 in the University of Washington Libraries, Seattle:
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The Last & Newest Fashions
World of Fashion magazine 1840.