….. & had a very nice ride.
I forgot to say yesterday Mama wrote to Marianne proposing Monday for us to go to Down & I wrote to Blanch asking her to come to us Saturday.
On Monday - As ….. drove down Dean St who should we meet but the young lady with Mr Stickland. We went on to Soho Square & after I had a few minutes in the Bazaar while Lu was at Grundy. Dear Blanch appeared again to my no small delight. We had 3 minutes chat - she arranged to come to us.
A pair of Queen Victoria's white and gold satin slippers made by Gundry and Sons in the 1840s

Picture credit: The Science Museum Group

Lucy was visiting Gundry and Sons, “Ladies Shoemaker”,
1, Soho Square. The business was taken over by John Lobb Ltd. in the 1950s.